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"Facilius enim per partes in cognitionem totius adducimur." - Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Ella, 21, Dutch. Neuroscience & cognition graduate student who likes brains, behaviour, and language. Likes reading and singing but loves the internet more. Roleplayer. Fangirl in her free time. Nerdfighter. Feminist. Fears fish. Ben & Jerry's addict. Sucker for puns.

I think my hair is confused


I think my hair is confused

"Childhood Friend Romance is a part of romantic plots, when characters develop romantic feelings for someone who they spent their childhood years with." x


Emma + Shoving Alex (2.0)



I’ve got 99 problems and 98 of them can be attributed to poor time management and self control.

So sleep well, my angel [x]




did anyone else think it was really weird and uncomfortable that kristoff had conversations with himself by impersonating his reindeer

Isn’t that what pets are for?

People who think this is weird probably don’t have pets.


On my tombstone please write “Not appreciating my puns when I was alive was a grave mistake”


We all know that feeling, vending machine


We all know that feeling, vending machine


if you watch game of thrones, a show full of murderers, rapists, people who flay others alive, stab pregnant women in the stomach, murderer people at weddings, kill family members, zombies, a guy who bashes babies skulls on walls and rapes their mother etc etc

and the character you hate the most is a teenage girl, who has lost her entire family and is living in a city where she cant trust a single person because they either want to fuck her or use her for their own political gain, then you need some serious help, like call a doctor now